Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Don't Forget To Unzip

It constantly amazes me that I can go from shoveling goat poop one day to writing code the next. There are so many areas in life that are contrasts, mine is probably an extreme. Opera one night, watching The Onion Movie the next. Dressed in heels and dangly earrings one day, sweats and dirty T-shirt in another. Yesterday I borrowed a friend's pickup and loaded it with rock, spent the rest of the day in the library working on my homework for my web design class, then at 6pm, started shoveling the rock into the wheelbarrow to spread around behind my house. Of course it would have been so much easier if the tire wasn't flat. It has a chronic-type of flatness. You can fill it every day and the next morning it will be flat. Take it to the garage, have them fix it you say? Done that. Twice. I gave up. It's easier to drive it flat. A lot less headache for me, since it takes 45 minutes to drive into town.

Unfortunately for me, it seems every time I go somewhere nice, I end up putting my hand out to meet someone and seeing the dirt under my nails. Or like this morning, when I drove into town and realized I hadn't brushed my hair yet...

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Being Grateful

This week I had an opportunity to practice what I preach. A rabbit had gotten into one of my vegetable beds and helped himself to carrots, chard (Silverbeet Heirloom), licorice, bell pepper, lettuce, sorrel, and arugula. I'm sure he ate quite a lot, since he left a load of fertilizer for me in return. How do they produce so many pellets so quickly? At first, I was very angry. How dare he help himself to my greens. He broke in to the netting on the north side of the cage that covers the bed, and even had protection from coyotes. They wouldn't dare have put themselves in that cage!

Judging from the size of the poop, he must have been one big thumper. He has gotten in there once before when I'd left the cover off the bed overnight. But he must have been too preoccupied with watching for predators, because he only nibbled a few large chard leaves, and one side of the bed. The leaves were torn, not yanked out (wild horses) or turkeys (pecked to death) or mice (neat little nibbles). It took me a while to make the connection between the poop and the torn leaves. I've come upon a coyote feasting on a dead bunny in the driveway one night; she grabbed her little pup and took off, leaving the dead animal in the middle of the road. The next day it was gone.

I guess I should content myself with 'the circle of life' and get over it. So I got to work and stapled hardward cloth to the wood frame all the way around this time. Poor thing, no more free lunch. But I guess we both have something for which we may be grateful. I'm envisioning the chard growing even larger...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Threads Of This Life

A new thread! The start of my blog. Hopefully this thread will run true, bad karma banished. Perhaps my blog will chronicle my sail through webdesign with little or no trouble. We'll see.