Sunday, March 6, 2011

EMFs and Your Health
OK, so you don’t want to hear your cell phone will give you brain cancer. Were you a smoker? Did you want to hear about lung cancer? Take heed, those of you that do not practice the precautionary principle. Charles Darwin had it right. 

A few years ago, I was watching Dennis Kucinich oversee the congressional hearings on cell phone radiation. It was enough to make me use my speakerphone whenever I wasn’t connected to my car’s system. Of course, most of the time I need to use my phone, it’s dead, so that isn’t such a big deal.

Now we find the 2G phones emit less EMFs (electromagnetic fields) than the newer phones. I went to the Green Festival and went by Credo’s booth. I asked the woman working there about a feature on my phone, a Samsung Seek. She explained it to me, and as I walked away, I said ‘That’s what I get for getting a smartphone, I can’t figure it out.’ And she giggled a bit, and said, ‘Yours isn’t a smartphone.’  OK, so I’m a little behind the times. That’s OK. I use Facebook and LinkedIn. I think I’m doing OK for my age. It helps to have a young offspring to teach me this stuff.

Today I clicked on ‘video’ in Facebook and was horrified to find it meant I WAS GOING TO BE ON VIDEO. I recognized the snarled hair and sleep-still-in-the-eye look and couldn’t figure out how to make it stop. I ended up covering the little peephole the camera sits in. But I haven’t figured out how to delete it. Now I worry someone out there can watch me freaking out – I was talking to my sister at the time – trying to get my computer to cease and desist.

So back to the phone. Since kids have thinner bones in their heads, the radiation penetrates further into the brain. This is not just a problem with phones. We have wireless signals from our phones and modems as well. I remember reading Robert Becker (we’re talking 60’s and 70’s – he knew about this problem way back then), The Body Electric. It doesn’t seem to matter whether it’s low or high frequency, it disturbs the cells. It damages our DNA. Devra Davis explained the report in Scientific American that said it doesn’t dissolve our DNA. She explained it doesn’t have to, it damages it. It’s stronger than a microwave! This is scary stuff.  I’ve read where radar sites around airports that overlap (think Ok City) have much higher rates of cancer that other areas nearby, and the higher the floor you live on, the worse your chances of remaining cancer-free.
So let’s pay attention, and control what we can in terms of radiation. Keep those electronics away from your head at night, and use a gauss meter to find out how much of a load runs around your bed. We’re not made to receive induced electricity. 

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