Saturday, January 23, 2010

Science and Homeopathy

As a homeopath, I'm often reading about campaigns to discredit homeopathy by those with a vested interest. They tend to be vitriolic and angry, and it makes you wonder why. Many purport to be 'scientists' and medical professionals of some sort. None have ever tried homeopathy. The fact the homeopathy has been proven time and again, in many countries, seems to anger them even more. I wonder if they're being paid by big pharma to sully the name of homeopathy. With so many countries around the world having devoted followers of homeopathy's founder, Samuel Hahnemann, it is a wonder there still exists contention on the issue. Recently there have been claims that the science behind immunization is weak, if not non-existent. Could this be the reason? Stay on the offensive so you don't succumb to a defensive position!

Personally, in my life, I look at the facts. If something works, you stick with it. If it doesn't, leave it behind. It's what attracted me to homeopathy in the first place. Time is the true test.