Tuesday, May 11, 2010

All Grown Up

Unless you've had a child, you will wonder what I mean. One day they're tiny tots, all smiles and snot, and the next beautiful young adults. How did that happen? I know how, but why? So fast, they've gone from wanting a hug after a bump or bruise to rolling their eyes, 'I KNOW mom.'

Keeping them healthy is so important. You want them to be the fittest, healthiest, most energetic and happy person they can possibly be, but you have to trust you've done the job right. And there's the rub. Did I teach him everything he needs to know? If I didn't by now, he'll have to learn it on his own. He's been given a good start, with fresh, organic food sometimes straight from the garden. And what was that all about, no more veggie burgers, only meat? What is it about teenage boys that they all of the sudden must have red meat? I'm sure there must be an alien hiding in there somewhere. And the sugar! My goodness, who knows where they got that one. Eating with two hands, grabbing food from multiple locations like an octopus. And the thoughtful, slow-chewing babe in the highchair that wouldn't swallow, chewing everything one hundred times, taking half an hour to eat half an avocado, to a tornado that cleans the plate before the salad is dressed.

The original recycler, I recently watched a video where he was eating a small piece of bread. It fell out of his mouth and he popped it back in, not once or twice, but three or four times. He'd chase it all over his bib, and finally catch it, carefully placing it back in his mouth, ever the squirrel...

You may have guessed, he's off to college, and I'm becoming sentimental! May this next generation fix the problems we've invented. Good luck to them all.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Science and Homeopathy

As a homeopath, I'm often reading about campaigns to discredit homeopathy by those with a vested interest. They tend to be vitriolic and angry, and it makes you wonder why. Many purport to be 'scientists' and medical professionals of some sort. None have ever tried homeopathy. The fact the homeopathy has been proven time and again, in many countries, seems to anger them even more. I wonder if they're being paid by big pharma to sully the name of homeopathy. With so many countries around the world having devoted followers of homeopathy's founder, Samuel Hahnemann, it is a wonder there still exists contention on the issue. Recently there have been claims that the science behind immunization is weak, if not non-existent. Could this be the reason? Stay on the offensive so you don't succumb to a defensive position!

Personally, in my life, I look at the facts. If something works, you stick with it. If it doesn't, leave it behind. It's what attracted me to homeopathy in the first place. Time is the true test.