Wednesday, October 26, 2016

CEASE: ASD and Homeopathy

In my practice of homeopathy with CEASE therapy, nothing is more satisfying than watching a child with ASD begin to speak and interact with his world. The excitement in the parents’ eyes is palpable, the love and caring surface without restraint.  Whether the cause is from vaccines, the environment, or another form of overload or misfiring in the gut or brain, the road back to their families is gratifying.

The world today has many dangerous avenues which we may take. Although it has always been my particular curiosity to read research and articles on health, not many people have the time or energy to spend on subjects not germane to their world. But once you fall into that world, it’s too late. Such is the case with autism. So many parents say ‘I wish I’d known the risks.’ But all is not lost with these precious bodies. The sooner the child is diagnosed and the work begins, the sooner he (or she) can begin the journey of catching up to his (or her) peers.

Often the first step will be to detox, then clean up the diet, and for each child, the steps may be different. I remember a family that came in together, with the younger of 2 sons having ASD. At the second visit, which I was disappointed to see, the child hadn’t progressed at the rate I expected. I asked the mother and father, ‘Has he been following the diet (no dairy or wheat)?’ The mother insisted, yes, he was, she was very careful. The older son pipes up, ‘Mom, you took him to Chuckie Cheese yesterday!’ It can seem like a reward to the parent, but to the child, it can cause enormous backsliding.  Always keep the goal in mind; what is the trade off? One father said the goal was to have his son run into his arms when he came home from work, something he’d always envisioned before his son was born. After his second visit, this particular event made his day, week, month, and year. It brought tears to his eyes to tell it.

For those with children that refuse healthy food before the detox has begun, I’ve heard an analogy that I absolutely love; it’s like a stopped up sink. If you put in good food, it’s still not going anywhere. You have to unplug the drain and get the child’s emunctory organs working again before you start working on any other area. Otherwise, you are pouring wasted resources into your child. We often don’t understand his choices, but in light of the fact our bodies are so adept at healing themselves, we need to trust they are choosing what is right for them, at that moment. Almost without exception, children that refuse healthy food, once their elimination system is working properly, slowly expand their food choices. You can trust they will want what is best for them, at that moment.  Of course, you must offer them these options. The most common one I hear is that the child will take food from a parent or sibling’s plate once they are ready for it. Offering choices can be a wonderful way to empower the child to experience what happens when they eat a particular food. In much the same way our bodies produce the enzymes we need to digest the food we are about to eat through seeing the food in front of us, the child will choose the food needed.

Once a child starts detoxing, they may experience what may appear to be a regression. Often this can be the child picking up growth from where it stopped. The child that enters the spectrum at age 2, and is now age 6, will reenter the family at age 2. This may seem logical, but when your child starts acting like he’s 2 again, it can be confusing. As a CEASE therapist, I’ve seen this happen often. They progress so quickly, though, it is not a concern, and passing through social and physical gates can be very rapid.

Hopefully overindulgence isn't the problem!

With parents, we need to remember what the goal will entail; the child will return to a normal life, whatever that may be. The parents, or caregivers, must realize that what defined their lives up to the point the child starts healing, will change dramatically. It is helpful for the parents to imagine what their lives will be like once they no longer have duties they’ve done for so many years. It can make a parent, especially a mother, feel useless!

Recent articles have pointed out at the rate ASD is progressing, by 2025 we will have a 50% rate of the disorder. Something needs to be done, and soon. When my child was born, he had a very delayed schedule of vaccines, which stopped once he was 3. There were half the vaccines demanded then as there are today. We are loading up our children’s immune systems without real knowledge of how it affects them. We don’t really know the reaction of the (so far as we know) Th1, Th2, and Th17 immune system cells. Does it really help? There have never been RCTs with those vaccinated against those unvaccinated. If we are truly being scientific, we wouldn’t be afraid to do this research.

Vaccines may not be the only answer to ASD, and I don’t think they are, but I believe they are the biggest reason ASD has been so pervasive. Hiding our heads in the sand and denying research does not get us anywhere. Let’s explore together why our children are having such difficulties, and make them whole.

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