Wednesday, October 26, 2016


This morning I wasted way too much time listening to a radio program to hear 3 minutes of talk about vaccination from a fellow homeopath. I was stunned at the discussion and the lack of information. This is such a complex subject - and 3 minutes for the counter view? Not enough.

Things to consider:
1. Who develops the vaccine? Are they responsible for death or poor outcome, or shielded from lawsuit?
2. Who approves them, and what guarantees are there? Can you find out about dangerous side effects of different lots?
3. With rates of autism climbing ever higher, and debate on thimerosol still active, has anyone researched the poor evidence presented by the CDC in support of vaccination?
4. Who benefits from vaccine use?
5. How well were we battling childhood illnesses before vaccines came along?
6. Has anyone studied the link in cancer with the link to vaccination?
7. Is it true that parents vaccinated against some childhood illnesses have a greater chance of having their own child(ren) develop these illnesses before the age of 1?
8. Why to parents assume that if you don't vaccinate your own child, it will somehow hurt theirs?
9. Why do homeopaths object to vaccinations?
10. Have there ever been studies to show the vaccinated against unvaccinated in childrens' health?

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